Calling all Eric Johnson, Hendrix, Landau, Gilmour, Trower fans...

The Keeley Mod Workstation is the perfect grab n' go pedal for Strat players looking to cop modulated medium-gain tones (to be sure it works great with humbuckers too, but it seems ideal for Strat lovers).

Featuring 8 modulation effects (tremolo, phaser, double-tracker, chorus, vibrato, flanger, vibe, filter), Keeley's Brit-flavored Oxblood overdrive, and Keeley's high regarded Katana & 1982 boosts, the Mod Station houses all of these effects in a very small enclosure that is perfect for even the most crowded pedalboards or gig bags. 

While this near mint Mod Station doesn't come with a box or manual, it's incredibly easy and intuitive to run - it's very plug n play. It takes a basic Boss-style 9 volt to operate, also not included (we used a One Spot). 

Simple to use, incredibly powerful and versatile, sounds fantastic, all housed in an incredibly small enclosure? Yes please.


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