This gently used 2016 "The Edge" Deluxe is the legendary U2 guitarist's take on the classic late 50s Fender Tweed amps. 

These amps are hand-wired and feature a Celestion Blue 12" speaker which gives the amp a slightly more British voice. Deluxe fans will have likely already discovered the merits of pairing the Deluxe's 5E3 circuit with a Celestion Blue and it's nice to see a production amp that already has this set up (high-end makers like Lazy J utilize a similar setup).

The most notable sonic benefit of using the Blue is increased headroom and a thicker, more compressed tone. There's also more gain and overall volume on tap. This is a loud, punchy amp - especially for its size - that retains the complex tones of a great Deluxe, but adds a gorgeous, chimey top-end typically found in Vox amps.

Given The Edge's long-time use of both tweed Fenders and AC30s, the pairing of a 5E3 circuit and a Celestion Blue speaker makes total sense. After playing through the amp for a bit, we're sold. A killer sounding amp for Deluxe fans looking for just a bit more volume and headroom. 

Condition: Excellent - tweed is in great shape though it does have a few nicks / smudges here and there (nothing major at all). The Edge badge was removed from the grill cloth. Includes cover and Fender paperwork. 


  • 12-watt all-tube guitar combo amplifier
  • Single 15-watt 12” Celestion Blue speaker
  • Modified circuitry for tighter bass response
  • Custom volume pot taper
  • The Edge front panel badge

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