From Aussie builder Dazatronyx, the Optical tremolo is a killer sounding vintage style Tremolo effect. After several years of refinements and tweaking, the results are simply beautiful & musical with a range of speeds from a super slow pulse to a fast flutter.

Condition: Excellent. Pedal only, no box.


  • Rate - Dial in from a slow walking pace to a fast rush.
  • Depth - While nice for a subtle, sweet pulsation the Optical Tremolo unit can also provide a scooping throb.
  • Waveform - Switchable via a mini toggle between a super-smooth saw wave for classic, pulsating tremolo, and a choppy square wave,  As not everybody is always after a sweet liquidy wobble, the square wave modelling option gives you the hardest tremolo chop you can get while still sounding musical and organic and not too much like a machine.
  • Boost - Tremolos can be used to make a more interesting sound when used to jump out in a lead boost. With a subtle degree of depth you could be tempted to always leave it on.

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