"We strive to design and build amps with a distinct character, sonic personality, flexibility, and practical features that will inspire you to create your very own signature sound at volume levels appropriate for home, studio, and stage." - Steve Carr

The legendary Carr Rambler. The ultimate modern silver/blackface-style amp? Quite possibly. The 1x12, 6L6 driven Rambler is about the size of a Fender Princeton Reverb, is switchable from 28 watts down to 14, has onboard reverb and tremolo, and is Class A / cathode biased. Imagine classic, bold, articulate Fender tones with tighter low end and much higher headroom, all in a very portable package. Players like Buddy Miller have relied on the Rambler for its beautiful tones and rock solid construction. This would make a brilliant amp for anyone who relies on pedals, gigs regularly, or wants one of the best Fender-style amps on the market for their home.


  • Class A cathode bias 6L6 output stage
  • Zero feedback
  • Single channel with reverb and tremolo
  • Pentode-Triode power switch
  • 28 watts pentode
  • 14 watts triode

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