"We strive to design and build amps with a distinct character, sonic personality, flexibility, and practical features that will inspire you to create your very own signature sound at volume levels appropriate for home, studio, and stage." - Steve Carr

Loosely based on a Vox AC10, the Lincoln sports 2 foot switchable channels and assignable reverbs (Channel 1 can have a totally different preset reverb than Channel 2). As with most of Steve Carr's amps, the amp's wattage is user selectable - in this case between a very home friendly 6 watts up to a gig worthy 18 watts (we have some EVH approved jam sessions at volumes quieter than you'd watch TV thanks to the master volume on Channel 2).

Simply put, we love this amp. It could end your search for the "do it all amp"! 



  • 18 Watts full output ---- (Raw Power)
  • OD Channel Low/High Gain switch - 70s Swamp to ultra 80s overdrive - (Glamtastic)
  • Clean Channel Normal/Bright switch - Warm AC to Top Boost Jangle - (Timbre)
  • Foot switchable channels and OD Hi/Low - (Stage Ready) 
  • Built-in switchable attenuator 18/6 watts- (Ultra Useful)
  • Celestion Creamback M-65 12” speaker - (Pistonic)
  • All tube Reverb in each channel - (Aquatic)
  • All NC yellow pine cabinet - (Solid Tone)
  • Analysis Plus cable - (Super Conductive)

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