Bogner has long been regarded as one of the premier, forward-thinking boutique amp builders working today. We're excited to have our first Bogner amp in the shop - a gently used, and very cool, New Yorker combo! 

50s-era tweed is what this portable little combo is all about. Class A circuit, 6/12 watt modes, cathode biased 6V6s (x2), pine cabinet, volume, tone, and a "Schizo" knob. While headroom is always subjective based on your guitar and needs, we experienced a good amount of headroom in the 12 watt setting that'd surely get you through quieter gigs in a smaller room. The 6 watt setting isn't radically quieter, but does bring on the breakup sooner if you need it. 

The "Schizo" knob is the secret weapon on this amp. It's a 4 position knob that breaks down like this: 

-Position 1: Simulated mid-60s Fender scooped mid w/the most clean headroom

-Position 2: Tweed, with a flatter tone for a brown twang (read: early 60s Brownface Fender)

-Position 3: Tweed, with tamed gain on treble and bass, more definition for humbuckers

-Position 4: Traditional tweed tone

Condition: Near mint, works as it should. 

This is a really fun amp, no question. A little bigger than a Princeton Reverb, it handled everything we through at it beautifully - humbuckers, single coils, P90s. Put a reverb pedal or delay in front of it and you might have the perfect low volume gig amp (or home amp)!


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