Vega Mandocello (ca. 1912)


In the first decade of the 20th century, the Vega company released their "Lute Mandolin" series of mandolin family instruments.  This included mandolin, mandola, mando-cello, and mando-bass.  The instruments in this series all have the Vega "patented semi-arched back construction", often called the "cylinder back".  This model 402 mando-cello, circa 1912 has been fully restored including neck reset.  It has mahogany back and sides and a red spruce top.  The Vega mando-cello with its 26" scale (Gibsons are 25") is most attractive to both the classical and Celtic player looking for that more sustained sound.  The original hard case in rough condition is included.  These Vega mando-cellos are quite rare in comparison to the number of Gibsons built and promoted through their teacher agent mandolin orchestra programs.

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