Taylor XXXV-TF 12 Fret 35th Anniversary


The Taylor 35th Anniversary model have been very hot commodities and it's not hard to see why. Absolutely gorgeous and limited to 35 models total, this is a hard guitar to pass up. With the ES System on board you can also add 'functional' to its long list of boasting points. Regarding the design and inspiration for this guitar, Bob Taylor has the following to say:

"For those unfamiliar with a 12-fret guitar, the “12” refers to the number of frets from the nut to the edge of the guitar body. The design traces back to the period that preceded steel-string acoustics. As steel-string players craved access to higher notes on the fretboard, the 12-fret design gave way to the 14-fret, although classical guitars have in many cases carried on the 12-fret tradition (our nylon-string Grand Concerts feature a 12-fret design). The vintage 12-fret design also enjoyed a renaissance among steel-string players as acoustic fingerstyle enjoyed a resurgence in the 1980s.

Although our 12-fret model incorporates a Grand Concert body and standard GC bracing, it sounds dramatically different from our GC. One reason is the reorientation of the neck, body and bridge in relation to each other (the bridge, for one, is shifted farther back on the lower bout). The change in body geometry translates into a unique, modern-vintage tonal flavor."

Engelmann Spruce
Koa Back & Sides
Slott Head
Bone Nut & Saddle
ES System
Limited to 35 guitars total

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