Martin D-45S Authentic 1936


The new D-45S Authentic "1936" model from Martin Guitars is, quite simply, the best-sounding acoustic guitar we have come across in recent memory. All of us in the acoustic guitar community love to obsess over the most minute details of a new builder's dedicated vintage-Martin replica guitars (and wax poetic about how closely they capture the tone), but there's an undeniable, romantic aspect to playing a new C.F. Martin guitar that trumps them all and reminds us why we became so enamored of them in the first place.

The D-45S is an accurate replica of a small-batch 1936 Martin D-45 made with a slightly wider lower bout than Martin adopted for their traditional 14-fret dreadnoughts. The neck shape is also authentic to said guitar--it's big and full, with a wide taper towards the body joint. The back and sides are Brazilian Rosewood, and the top is a wonderful, stiff set of Adirondack Spruce.

This is a breathtakingly well-made guitar, from the pearl inlay work to the hand-engraved tuners. But of course, what we're all wondering about is the tone. We have attached a short sound sample that we hope captures the incredibly rich, detailed and shimmery voice of the guitar. The low-end boom and grand-piano chime that rockets out of this guitar is like nothing else currently available. Please feel free to call us for further details!

Audio Sample(s):

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