Martin D-18 (1945)


This 1945 Martin D-18 is one of the best dreadnoughts we've ever encountered; and as far as vintage Martins go, it's close to a grand slam in terms of tonal quality coupled with originality of condition. There are minor scratches and dings (playwear) which we've attempted to photograph as accurately as possible. But make no mistake, if you're looking for a wartime D-18 which will give you that huge, powerful open sound we all covet, you won't find one cleaner than this. Other than a recent refret (part of an overall set-up by Frank Ford), it's 100% all-original. The neck has never been reset, and does not require any modification at this time (the guitar plays fantastically, with medium saddle height and action just above 3/32" on the bass side and 2/32" on the treble side). The condition has been verified by our friend and local master luthier, TJ Thompson, who described the guitar as a museum piece. 

The sound: it's simply knocked out everyone who's heard it ... players, builders and collectors alike. The tapered bracing yields a more focused, less woofy tone, with wide open, woody responsiveness all across the fingerboard. Extremely balanced and crisp sounding, with that dry, chest-throttling attack the great D-18s are known for. Please call us for further details and an in-and description.

Ebony bridge & fretboard
1 11/16" nut width
Non Orig HSC

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