Greenfield G4 Fan Fret Sold


No need to adjust your screen - the images are fine. The frets are all in their proper places, as are the nut and bridge. The arm rest in the top and the rib rest in the back are very much by design. You are looking at Michael Greenfield's G4 Fan Fret Brazilian, one of the most thrilling, unique guitars to come through our doors in a long time.

Michael had to dive deep into his reserves of old-growth Brazilian for this guitar, as there aren't too many sets of premium-grade, quarter-sawn Brazilian to fit this 17" body. Fortunately, Michael had a very special set in mind, which he put to brilliant effect here. The wood is gorgeous. Paired with his choice of Spruce top (we always defer to his tonal and visual preference), the guitar has obvious power, but perhaps more impressively, it maintains a clarity and responsiveness that belies the guitar's size. The fundamental note is strong, the overtones present without crowding things. Imagine a sound somewhere in between that of a rosewood jumbo and a really stellar, modern rosewood dread. You're getting warmer.

The G4 is surprisingly comfortable for a large-bodied guitar as well. I think that comes from the tight waist, and the two side bevels: the Laskin arm rest up front, and the long, beautifully worked rib rest in the back. Striking to behold, they are functional works of art in and of themselves.

Speaking of art, what's with the fan frets? Well, picture a dropped D tuning, or DADGAD, or even standard tuning. They all benefit from strong, long scale lengths on the bass side, both for sound, feel, and proper intonation - all the more so in dropped, open tunings, where bass notes can feel slack, sound anemic in tone, and never quite get in tune. The fan fretting addresses all of those needs, resulting in better intonation, better tone, and a more consistent feel in tension across the six strings. Playing this guitar, you will no doubt wonder what your other guitar(s) would be capable of with fan frets...

Remarkably, playing this guitar requires little to no adjustment on the player's part. With the possible exception of a barre chord in the first fret, everything else just falls into place quite naturally. You almost need to see or experience this first-hand to believe it. Playing this guitar felt fine - great, in fact. Watching someone else play it, though, was otherwordly. Simple chords and melody lines look impossibly complex. This makes for great fun playing for and showing this guitar off to friends (as if the guitar itself wasn't impressive enough!).

Sonically, visually, artisitically, the G4 Fan Fret Brazilian is a gift of an instrument. Take heed: such a guitar is not for the faint of heart. In a word, it is bold. The G4 Fan makes great use of modern advances, innovations, while preserving all of what we love and recognize in the familiar warm, clear, even simple joy of an acoustic guitar. And while it doesn't mind being stared at, it begs to be played.

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