Collings 0-1 Prototype

Not For Sale

This is the highly-anticipated prototype "single-0" model from Collings. A long-lost Martin model, reborn brilliantly in Collings' hands. Stu, here at the Emporium, had been talking to Bill and Steve at Collings for a couple of years about the 14 fret 0 model, introduced by Martin circa 1932 and discontinued in the '70s. Bill said find me one and we'll build it. We were able to locate a 1932 sunburst version in need of a lot of love. It was shipped to Austin. Fast forward several months, and now we are holding the prototype. This first Collings 0 is very true to an early 30s Martin 0-18. They just did a tremendous job with this guitar. Sonically, it is a cross between a strong OM and a warm 00, with some of the nicest aspects of each! One of the little know facts of this guitar is that the internal air volume is about the same as a 14 fret "00," as the"0" is in fact deeper. Martin probably envisioned this as an entry-level model, so they never made a rosewood version. Over time the demand for production time for "D" size guitars caused Martin to discontinue the model. We have a number of order slots allocated to the "0" and already have orders in from clients for all grades including Brazilian w/Adirondack Spruce top. In fact, we have Indian, Brazilian, Mahogany, and Maple versions coming. Pricing is the same as a Collings OM: from $3K to $10K, depending on tonewoods and appointments. Very elusive, very desirable neck profile, a slightly rounded, vintage Martin neck, 1 3/4" nut (1 11/16" available), 2 1/4" string spacing, 10" UB, 13 9/16" LB, 4 1/16" depth, 18 3/16" Body length. NOTE: This guitar is not currently for sale, but it is here in the store. We invite you to come in and pick on it a bit. Perhaps, you'll be enticed to get one for yourself. Many have so far.

Prototype - Not For Sale

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