Carr Mercury 1x12 Combo, Green


The Mercury is one of the most versatile 1-12 combos on the market today.  With Carr's exclusive power attenuation circuit, it can perform at 8, 2, 1/2, and 1/10 watts while astonishingly maintaining the same remarkable tone.  Your wife, bandmates, neighbors, and children will all thank you for purchasing this amp!  However, when it is played at the full 8 watts, it has more than enough power for any club with plenty of headroom.  What we love here are the endless combinations that can be achieved with that attenuator.  Step it back to 1/2 watts and crank the 3 position boost and you can get it that british scream without breaking any windows, run it at 2 watts and push the volume and bass for a big, warm, chicago blues sound that breaks up in the sweetest way, or run it at the full 8 for a clean, three-dimensional sound.  The possibilities abound!  No wonder this is one of Joe Perry's favorite studio amps!  This particular amp is adorned the super-attractive Green tolex, which is the perfect icing on the retro cake!  

  • Class A
  • Single-ened fixed bias EL-34 output
  • Single channel bass, treble, reverb
  • 3-position boost switch
  • Treble cut switch
  • Built in 4 position attenuation (8, 2, 1/2, 1/10 watt)
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