"American guitar amps that deliver all the coveted tones of yesteryear and all the quality of todays highest build standards." - Gabriel Currie

TME is proud to be stocking Echopark guitars ... and amplifiers! The flagship "Clarence" from Echopark delivers the crisp Tweed tones of the 50's, with the ability to break up into juicy tube meltdown depending on your personal preferences for volume/tone settings and playing dynamics. A fantastic recording amp, it's more than loud enough for club gigs as well. Come into the shop and give it a spin!


  • Circuit 9E1A
  • 6 watts clean
  • 9 watts pushed
  • High & Low inputs
  • Volume & Tone controls
  • *5AR4, 6v6GC, 12AX7 valves
  • *NOS JAN premium upgrade option available
  • Electri-cord AC power cable
  • 2 speaker outputs
  • Hand stitched U.S. made blue leather handle
  • custom Levant & grillcloth
  • Solid Douglas Fir open back cabinet
  • 13 ply Marine birch baffle
  • Echopark/WGS Custom 12" Alnico speaker
  • 21"x19"x9" cabinet
  • 31 lbs.

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