Stu Cohen - TME Founder / Owner
Stu Cohen

Stu's exposure to vintage instruments started in 1960, when he discovered a long-closed pawn shop and purchased its stock.  A hobby evolved into the opening of the original "Music Emporium" in 1968 in Pittsburgh. In the early 1970s his seminal article on "American Banjo Makers" became the foundation and touchstone for the history of the American banjo.

When he isn't seeking out new and wonderful instrument makers, you might catch him pickin' banjo, or picking wild mushrooms for several of Boston's finest restaurants.

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Joe Caruso - Owner
Joe Caruso

Joe has been with The Music Emporium since 1994. A guitarist since his early teens, Joe got the guitar-building bug while teaching high school English in upstate New York. From there, he studied lutherie with Charles Fox protege George Morris in Vermont. He stumbled into TME shortly thereafter, began repairing guitars and got hooked on the business. You'll find Joe's hand in every manner of the business, from sales and purchasing to website management and store layout.

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Adam Dardeck - Sales Manager
Adam Dardeck

Beneath Adam's mild-mannered exterior hides a fingerstyle phenom. A TME customer first, he knows better than any of us what it’s like on the other side of the counter.  Avid music and movie critic, Adam hosts the infamous, semi-annual Conan the Barbarian fest. No kidding. At TME, he keeps us in stock of the latest music books and accessories and constantly introduces us to new music that in his words, "will blow your mind.”

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Andy Cambria - Sales Associate / Photographs / Web
Andy Cambria

An accomplished flatpicker, Andy is our bluegrass guitar expert and dreadnought specialist. You can hear his fluid playing in many sound samples right here on the website. He's a great songwriter, and performs regularly at clubs and acoustic festivals throughout the north east. Andy is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help!

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Tim Mann - Sales Associate
Tim Mann

A passionate follower of the Americana music scene, with a grasp of classic rock trivia to make your head spin like a warped LP, Tim has been with TME for over 10 years. If there's a product in our store he doesn't know about, then it doesn't exist. Tim is a talented singer and songwriter; when he isn't in the store you may find him playing music around town, often with Ukulele in hand (Tim is also our resident Ukulele aficionado!).

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Eliot Hunt - Electric Guitars / Web
Eliot Hunt

Eliot brings a world of electric guitar experience to TME. He not only loves electric guitars, he's a monster player and has gigged locally and nationally for years prior to landing here. If you want to discuss vintage or new, tone or feel, Eliot is your man.

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Joe Klompus - Sales Associate
Joe Klompus

Bio coming soon!

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